If you submitted a request for test accommodations and received our written decision letter, you may request that we reconsider our decision for the same Step exam registration(s).

You may request ONE (1) reconsideration review per registration. For example if you made a request for Step 1 with an eligibility period of January - March, you may make one reconsideration request during that same January - March time period.

You must have a current eligibility period. If your eligibility has expired, or if you test before our review is complete, Disability Services will discontinue the reconsideration review process. It is your responsibility to monitor your registration status and eligibility period throughout the entire reconsideration process.

To request a reconsideration:

  • Carefully read, complete, and submit a Reconsideration Request Form.
  • Submit new and substantive supporting documentation or information that we have not already reviewed.
    • DO NOT re-send documentation that you previously submitted.
    • Letters written by you, or a qualified professional, that only convey previously provided information are generally not sufficient to support a reconsideration request. For guidance and examples of relevant supporting documentation, it may be helpful to review the General Guidelines to Request Test Accommodations and, if applicable, the Additional Guidelines for Specific Impairments.
    • As a reminder, requests for accommodations should generally be accompanied by appropriate, comprehensive documentation from a qualified professional dated within a reasonable time-frame sufficient to document your current specific impairment(s). If this information was not provided with your initial request, or was not comprehensive, we recommend that you provide it or supplement it in your request for reconsideration, if possible. We do not ask that you undergo any new or redundant evaluation, assessment, or testing when you seek reconsideration. We will consider only new objective evidence to support your request.

NBME will acknowledge receipt of your request for reconsideration by e-mail and audit your submission for completeness. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgement within two business days of submitting your request for reconsideration, please contact Disability Services at 215-590-9700 or