Additional Break Time for Nursing / Breastfeeding

Nursing/breastfeeding individuals may test under standard conditions and request to bring and use their breast pumps during authorized breaks. Requests are required because Disability Services needs to let Prometric know in advance so that Prometric can ensure it has the appropriate space available.

Nursing/breastfeeding individuals may also choose to submit a request for additional break/standard testing time to express milk.  Please note that additional break time makes Step 2 a two-day exam and Step 3 a three-day exam.  Please also note that this arrangement requires you to have an accommodated permit.  If you already have a scheduling permit for a standard time exam, please contact your registration entity to update or re-register with a hold for test accommodations.

To submit a request, or if you have any questions, please contact Disability Services at or you may call (215) 590-9700.