Exam Security & Fairness

Report Security Violations with the STOPit App

If you encounter a USMLE security violation, such as cheating or other forms of irregular behavior in person or online, you can report it with the STOPit App via an anonymous, easy-to-use chat feature. The STOPit App does not collect personal information and gives you direct contact with the USMLE team.

You can download the app in the Apple or Google Play store or access the desktop version via the links below.

Use access code: USMLE-TIP


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Why Does USMLE Security Matter?

When you report security violations through the STOPit App, you are protecting the health of the public by helping to ensure that all future physicians have the knowledge required to practice medicine.

Additionally, achieving your professional goals has involved hard work, determination, and dedication to the medical profession. Reporting violations can prevent an examinee from gaining an unfair advantage on their education journey.

Consequences of Security Violations

Reported security violations are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated by USMLE program staff and/or reviewed by the USMLE Committee for Individualized Review (CIR). 

If the committee finds that a violation has taken place, the consequences can include one or more of the following: 

  • Cancellation of your exam scores
  • Bans on future testing 
  • Permanent annotation of your USMLE transcript 
  • A letter describing the violation, evidence and outcome sent to legitimately interested parties and all transcript recipients
  • Report to the Federation of State Medical Boards' Physician Data Center*
  • Possible legal action

*State medical boards routinely query the FSMB Physician Data Center as part of the licensing process.