Break Time

Your test session is scheduled for a fixed amount of time, and the computer keeps track of the time allocated for each block and for breaks. At the start of the testing session, you have a total of 45 minutes of break time for authorized breaks and for computer transitions between blocks. Authorized breaks include any time you spend between test blocks, whether you remain at your seat or leave the testing room. If you complete the tutorial or other testing blocks early, the remaining time will be added to your total break time.

Once you begin a testing block, you may not leave the room (except in the event of an emergency). If you leave the room for a personal emergency and you are not on an authorized break, the block and daytime clocks will continue to run, and the test center will report the incident to the USMLE program. Additionally, the unauthorized break screen, described in the examination tutorial, will appear on the monitor after a defined period of inactivity. After the unauthorized break screen appears, you will need to enter your CIN to continue with the examination. Each time you leave the testing room, you are required to sign out and sign in when you return. You must present your identification each time you sign in.

If you exceed your allocated or accumulated break time, the excess will be deducted from your total testing time. Use the time summary feature (explained in the tutorial on your test day) to keep track of your time.