Admission to the Test

Check-In Procedures

You should arrive at the test center approximately 30 minutes prior to your scheduled testing appointment. If you arrive after your appointment time, you may not be admitted. If you arrive more than 30 minutes after your scheduled testing appointment, you will not be admitted and must pay a fee to reschedule your test. Your rescheduled test date(s) must fall within your eligibility period.

When you arrive at the test center, you must present a paper or electronic copy of your scheduling permit and a valid, unexpired government-issued photo identification. Please review your scheduling permit for additional identification requirements. Acceptable forms of unexpired identification include:

  • Passport
  • Driver's license with photograph
  • National Identity Card
  • Other form of unexpired, government-issued identification

Your name, as it appears on your scheduling permit, must exactly match the name on your form(s) of identification. Your identification must contain both your signature and a recent photograph. Please review your scheduling permit for details and limited exceptions. If the name listed on your scheduling permit is not correct, contact the organization that registered you for your examination immediately.

If you do not bring your scheduling permit on paper or electronically (eg, via smartphone) and acceptable identification on each day of your exam, you will not be admitted to the test and will be required to pay a fee to reschedule your test. Your rescheduled test date(s) must fall within your eligibility period.

Security Procedures

During check-in, test center staff will scan you with a handheld or walk-through device designed to detect prohibited items and ask you to empty your pockets and turn them inside out before entering the testing room to confirm that you have no prohibited items. You will be asked to repeat this process each time you return to the testing room after a break. Additionally, your photo ID and fingerprint may be scanned electronically, and you must sign the test center log each time you enter or exit the test room.

Before you enter the test room, test center staff will give you laminated writing surfaces and markers to use for making notes and/or calculations during the testing session. You will be instructed to write your name and CIN, as shown on your scheduling permit, on one of the laminated writing surfaces provided. Writing surfaces and markers should be used only at your assigned testing station and only after you have entered your CIN in the computer to start your test session. If you have filled the laminated writing surfaces and need additional space for making notes, raise your hand to ask test center staff for a replacement. You must return laminated writing surfaces to test center staff at the end of the testing session. Do NOT write on anything (eg, skin, clothing, tissue) other than the laminated writing surface. Failure to comply may result in a finding that you engaged in irregular behavior.

Test center staff will escort you to your assigned testing station and provide brief instructions on use of the computer equipment. You must enter your CIN to start the examination. A brief tutorial is available before each examination. You must run the sound check for the audio headphones either before the examination begins or during the tutorial, so that problems can be resolved before you start the examination.

There are no facilities available for family and friends to wait at the center while you test; plan to meet them elsewhere after the examination ends. All examinees will be required to remove eyeglasses for close visual inspection by the test center administrator. These inspections will be done at check- in and upon your return from breaks. Jewelry, except for wedding and engagement rings, is prohibited. Hair accessories such as ornate clips, combs, barrettes, or headbands are subject to inspection. We reserve the right to terminate your administration if you engage in any activity that may compromise the validity, integrity or security of the USMLE, including possessing or using prohibited items.