Security & Integrity of the USMLE

The examination materials used in the USMLE are copyrighted. If you reproduce and/or distribute any examination materials, by any means, including memorizing and reconstructing them, without explicit written permission from the USMLE program, you are in violation of the rights of the owners. In addition to actions described under Irregular Behavior, every legal means available to protect USMLE copyrighted materials and secure redress against those who violate copyright law may be pursued.

Test Administration Security

Test center staff monitor all testing sessions for USMLE Steps. You must follow instructions of test center staff throughout the examination. Failure to do so may result in a determination of irregular behavior and permanent annotation of your USMLE transcript. For complete details about Testing Regulations and Rules of Conduct, review the rules described in the Bulletin of Information under Testing Regulations .

Test center staff are not authorized to answer questions from examinees regarding examination content, testing software, or scoring. If staff observes you violating test administration rules or engaging in other forms of irregular behavior during an examination, the staff are required to report such incidents to the USMLE program. Each report is fully investigated. USMLE test premises are subject to video recording, other real-time monitoring, and strict rules about materials entering and leaving the test facility are enforced.

Irregular Behavior

Violating any test administration rules, including the Rules of Conduct described in the USMLE Bulletin of Information, will result in actions being taken under USMLE policies and procedures on irregular behavior. If it is determined that the irregular behavior is serious, you may be barred from future USMLE examinations and/or special administrative procedures may be implemented for your future examinations. The USMLE program also reserves the right to take such actions when information regarding behavior of examinees on predecessor examinations indicates such actions may be necessary to ensure the security of the USMLE. Information about any irregular behavior will be provided to third parties that receive or have received your USMLE transcript. Such information may also be provided to other legitimately interested entities.

Contacting USMLE

USMLE encourages you to provide information about cheating and other activity of which you are aware that may compromise the security and integrity of USMLE. Please use our contact form to report such information.